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Limra Junior College

A gateway to greater opportunities As a pioneer of quality education in this part of the continent, Gowtham brings together education and practical skills for enhanced learning that’s replete with global perspective. The institution serves as the gateway to superior opportunities for its students. Gowtham has invested in educational excellence with finest of faculty, modern infrastructure and access to wide-spread knowledge to emerge as one of the finest colleges in India. Our combined mission is to make certain that Gowtham is the unrivalled institution in all spheres. Having a supportive association among the various parts of the institution is essential for our accomplishments. So whether you are a student or teacher - if you want to make the best of this opportunity to showcase your skills to the world, I personally welcome you into the family of Gowtham. Rest assured you will be encouraged to scale new highs of success every step of the way!
Mentors guiding the masterminds It’s an observable fact worldwide. There is always a mentor guiding every mastermind. Similarly, the faculty members are like fountainheads at Gowtham Junior College. The renowned faculty with enviable expertise and exceptional knowledge is the pride of the institution. The summit stage reached by Gowtham has been possible owing to their invaluable contribution. All individual departments function under the able supervision of senior lecturers who also design the course modules keeping in mind the aptitude and comprehension levels of the students. The Directors, professional counselors and dedicated faculty enhance the confidence and performance of students on a regular basis. Another advantage at Gowtham is that the Directors and faculty are available at all times in the campus for guiding the students and to give them valuable tips to improve their performance. The senior lecturers in the state train the students for various competitive exams like IIT, AIEEE, EAMCET, AIIMS, CMC, JIPMER and AFMC. Personal attention to each and every student is ensured at Gowtham. The senior lecturers train the students for various competitive exams like IIT, AIEEE, EAMCET, AIIMS, CMC, JIPMER and AFMC. Personal attention to each and every student is ensured at Gowtham. The faculty members are regularly updated with refresher courses.
Technology with its life-like amazing features has transformed learning like never before. It has also enabled scientific learning easier, faster and full of fun. It’s also imperative for students to get as close as possible to the practical side of how things work and explore it to their hearts content. Therefore Gowtham encourages its students in their quest for knowledge.
Trust but verify is the basis of scientific learning. Therefore the facilities in the science labs and library are of international stature for an enhanced learning experience. The fully integrated science labs at Gowtham inculcate scientific enquiry in students and also enable them to conduct experiments while the attentive lab staff provides assistance at any given opportunity. The modern equipment, various specimen and other lab facilities create an inspiring ambience for the students to learn and conduct experiments.
A systemised and methodical learning experience With skill and technique-based coaching at Gowtham, the learning ability of the students is unleashed for reaching their full potential. The unique and innovative course structure offers a systemised and methodical learning experience. While they are strongly rooted in the basics, the students are also encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities from time to time. Each academic year, the think tank at Gowtham Junior College formulates a distinctive and matchless course structure for state level and various other medical competitive exams. Teaching modules are planned and implemented by the senior faculty for the students who want to prepare for state level EAMCET along with AIIMS, JIPMER, CMC, AFMC and other nationally reputed medical examinations. The coaching is then provided as per this formulation and the exceptional performance of the students every year clearly reflects that these efforts bring phenomenal results. No wonder, the students are assured of a seat in IIT, AIEEE, EAMCET, BITS Pilani and other nationally reputed institution through these initiatives including the Triple Benefit Program. Every chapter is dealt with first for IPE level, followed by AIEEE and EAMCET level and ultimately the IIT level. Thus the students are well prepared to attempt these competitive exams and emerge victorious. The result is that the students can actually choose from more than one option as to which course to join – a freedom of choice available to students at Gowtham since 1998. Not only in engineering stream that Gowtham as an institution excels year after year, the performance in medical stream with specialised coaching for EAMCET, JIPMER, AFMC, CMC and other medical entrance exams has been very encouraging as well.